"We are big fans of Dan Bresnan.  His guitar playing is superbly amazing and energetic. His songwriting is at the same time classic and innovative.  His music captures your attention and takes you on a journey, with his gifted abilities on guitar and keyboards and his dynamic singing style.

Dan has performed many times at Old Town Center for the Arts with his Bresnan Blues Band trio in concert, and at festival events, including: Old Town Blues Fest, Holiday Blues Revue, and the Bob Dylan Birthday Concerts.

We are looking forward to his latest project - 'Bresnan Unplugged' (a trio with Dan, Chuck Murcko and Lesli Carroll) which will be presented at OTCA on Saturday, May 2nd and at the inaugural Open Air Cinema series on Saturday, May 16th."

William Eaton 
Co-Director, Old Town Center for the Arts

"Dan Bresnan is an inspiration. His guitar style is pure feel and color. It helps the song breathe. Once you add him to the mix the recipe is complete. He is the special sauce.  Hell, when I see a nice guitar I think "man I'd like to play that" but a guitar sees Dan coming and its strings start vibrating and beads of sweat break out on the headstock. It's just praying Dan will pick it up and play it."
Robin Dean Salmon, Sony Recording Artist

"Bresnan Unplugged is a refreshing ensemble that offers the listener pure song arrangements that appeal to any generation ..."
Helen Lewis Mastor (Veteran Recording Artist/Songwriter - Motown Records)


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